Course Descriptions

Introduction to Web Apps with Ruby

Build web applications with Ruby, HTML, and CSS using real engineering development tools like Github, Bash, and a full text editor. Build your own dynamic web application that you design and code. This course focuses on computer science foundations such as testing, data types, data structures, control flow, and object oriented programming. Make your mark on the web!

Prerequisites: None



Introduction to iPhone Apps with Swift

Learn the foundations of Apple’s newest language, Swift along with the Xcode development environment as well as real development tools such as Github. Build your own iPhone application that you design and code. Integrate mobile app design with computer science foundations such as data types, functions, variables, conditional statements, and responsive design. Learn to build apps, rather than download them!

Prerequisites: None

Web Design with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Design your own websites with the latest updates in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn about design practices, responsive website design, and program your web pages to be interactive! Use engineering tools such as Integrated Development Environments, Github, and Bash. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are some of the most widely used languages on the web and will be around for some time to come! Become fluent in the languages of the web!

Prerequisites: None



Advanced Web Apps with Databases

Learn advanced topics in Ruby programming and program design. Add to your Ruby skills by learning about complex data structures, advanced class design, and incorporate Application Program Interfaces, such as Twilio, Yelp, or Twitter, into your web applications. Use MySQL databases to persist user data in your applications to scale and build advanced web apps!

Prerequisites: Introduction to Web Apps with Ruby