Our philosophy is to teach you to code like a real engineer. This means we not only provide you with the fundamentals, but that you will be coding in a collaborative and challenging environment. We are passionate about using code to help you positively change and influence your communities, that’s why we provide you with the technologies and practices used by engineering teams at major startups and companies.

At Coder.new, we don't just download apps, we create them. 


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is stored entirely on a Github repository, meaning our students always have access to it. Even more important, our curriculum is a living and evolving component of our team. Students can make changes when they see fit and push these changes to Github. By using a real coding environment, students are engineering in an agile way, keeping things moving and exciting at all times. We believe in learning by doing, so this is a project-based and hands-on curriculum, meaning students are constantly coding. 

Our Process

We are strong advocates for critical thinking. That’s why we are excited about students working together from different backgrounds, academic interests, and future plans. Our students find value in pair-programming, pseudo coding (meaning you write out your solution in plain english before even writing a line of code), and using design-thinking skills to attack a problem from various perspectives.

We think critically about the problem, the audience, the solution, and how to constantly get better.

Our Team

Michael Tejada earned his B.S. from Stanford University. He worked as a science teacher through Teach For America in Brooklyn, New York for several years before transitioning into software engineering where he developed apps and wrote computer science curriculum for education technology startups in NYC and LA.

Stephan Holly earned his B.S. from Arizona State, and his Master’s from The University of Southern California. He has worked as a tutor/instructor for four years with an emphasis on math, science, and computer science, and also has three years experience in cognitive science and neurological regeneration research.